Lore's Has Caramel Apples

"Available Now Caramel Apples" with two graphic illustrated caramel appels on either side
What says it's autumn time more than biting into a delectable caramel apple? Now through the end of October at Lore's in Philadelphia, you can get our FRESH handmade caramel apples accented with either caramel crunch or pecans.
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Our apples are locally sourced from North Star Orchard, a 20-acre orchard and vegetable farm located in Cochranville, Pennsylvania. That's only an hour outside of Philadelphia! These amazing Sugar Snap Apples are lovingly and sensibly grown and then freshly harvested to ensure the best quality.
Close up of Sugar Snap Apples
Sugar Snap apples are be described as sweet-tart with an delicious apple flavor and a firm breaking texture. Goldilocks would be delighted: Not too sweet, not too tart,
not too hard, not too soft, this variety of apples is JUST RIGHT.

Plus they have amazing storage life, so don't worry if you don't finish the whole thing in one sitting... but we wouldn't judge if you did!

Once the apples are picked from North Star, they are brought to our chocolate factory in Philadelphia and covered in our fresh, handmade, buttery caramel. Immediately after, we coat them in either pecans or crunchy caramel pieces to really extend the flavors.

These mouthwatering autumnal treats are limited edition and only available for a short time. Get them in store Wednesday-Saturday til the end of October! If you must, you can order online for in-store pick up.

Caramel Apples Available through October at Lore's Chocolates in Philadelphia

Don't miss out and get them while you can!

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