LOVE Takes Time

Everything we produce at Lore's is hand made - not automated - so our chocolate creations take time.
Our delicious solid LOVE Chocolates are no exception. They are a Philadelphia favorite, come in several sizes and are available in Milk & Dark Chocolate, plus Ruby Chocolate for Valentine's Day.
So, how do we make them?
LOVE Chocolate Production
The process starts with Lore's custom blend of gourmet chocolate, which is tempered for a shiny, smooth finish. Tempering slowly raises and then lowers the temperature of melted chocolate, a process that causes the structures of the crystals in the cocoa-butter's fat to break and reform.
Next, the tempered chocolate is portioned out into custom polycarbonate molds to ensure consistency. To remove air bubbles from the chocolate, we place the molds on a table that vibrates at a high rate of speed.
LOVE Chocolate Production
Then molds are left to cool overnight and de-molded. Lore's LOVE chocolates, like all our products, are lovingly hand-crafted for a smooth and rich chocolate experience. They are a delicious treat and make great gifts for out of town visitors.