Making Caramel

Lore’s vanilla caramels are one of our best selling items, and there’s a reason why. Simple quality ingredients and a time-tested recipe make all the difference. It takes patience to make a quality caramel.
So, how do we do it?
Caramel Pot Cutting Caramel

Cooked over a low open flame, it takes almost two hours to cook a large copper kettle full of caramel goodness. The smooth and extremely hot caramel, cooked to an exact temperature, is poured onto a century-old cast-iron slab and allowed to set up overnight. The glassy-smooth caramel is sent by hand through a slicing machine that makes consistently sized squares.

Caramel Making Caramel Making Process

The squares are coated in either milk or dark chocolate and hand-decorated with a ‘v’ for vanilla. The liquid chocolate-covered caramels continue on through the cooling tunnel, and when the finished confections reach the end of the production line, they are ready to eat.